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Devops Engineer

Rotterdam, Netherlands
 We're looking for a DevOps Engineer who will work with the latest Salesforce Development and Deployment toolchains. You assist the development teams to work in an Agile fashion by maintaining and developing Continuous Integration/Continuous Development tools that support their work.

The Salesforce teams have a high velocity and output. Your work is important for their success. You make them faster and happier. The jobs you build in Jenkins, the tools you develop in NodeJS and the work you do to deploy code to scratch orgs is highly coupled with the work of the development teams.

Your typical day might include:

- Working with distributed cross functional teams in multiple office locations to solve complex problems, driving organization wide initiatives and developing APIs and specs for innovative software
- Working with the Salesforce teams to develop new tooling and maintain existing deployment toolchains
- Working on automation of the provisioning of scratch orgs, deployment of code and general configuration management.
- Developing approaches and technology to maximize test coverage so developers can work quickly and safely.
- Managing source code for branch and merge strategy to increase the velocity at which we ship code
- Designing the continuous delivery process and automation with Jenkins.

This job is for you if:

- You want to work with innovative, high-performance Development team
- You have experience working on an Agile team
 -You have knowledge of and 2+ years experience with tooling like Jenkins and Kubernetes and Docker, and programming languages or libraries like NodeJS and Salesforce DX.
- You'll get bonus points for working with Git and Git Flow and for being a certified Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer.

Contact Victoria Grishko
Tel: 06 23 25 41 85

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